I've always admired Vespas. A few years ago, I began seeing them around town more and more. I was mosty getting to work and back on my trusty BSA (bicycle, not motorcycle) and thought that a scooter would be great. I  tried to engineer a deal with someone to trade me a Vespa for a VW bus, no go. Time went by, and Eric and I decided to move to Wisconsin. We had to sell 6 buses and a bug because we couldn't afford to move them all.
  We also had a Corvair rampside with factory camper that we had tried to sell over the years, but couldn't seem to interest anyone in it. We put an ad in Hemming's for the Corvair, hoping someone would take it. I'm not really a Corvair enthusiast, but the thought of sending a vintage weirdo to the shredder was upseting to me...but the winds of fate were blowing.
  The only person who came to look at the Corvair wanted a rampside to take his scooters to shows! He offered us 2 1955 allstates in exchange for the camper. So, He's currently restoring the rampside and we're about to tackle our 1st Vespa restoration...don't you just love a happy ending?
Are you a Vespa enthusiast? We'd love to hear from you. Scooters are new to us, and we'd love advice and imput, or just a chat!